Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baumgartner's Replacement and Shake Up of the Knox County Republican Party

Georgiana Vines is able to nail down some of the likely candidates for Criminal Court Judge in replacing Richard Baumgartner here in today's News Sentinel. While I would support Assistant District Attorney General TaKisha Fitzgerald or General Session Judges Andy Jackson or Patricia Hall Long.

I find it really interesting that Knox County Republican Party Chairman would say to Vines "I wouldn't begin to speculate except (to say) I think the governor would look at sitting General Sessions judges," Jenkins said. We posted about Jenkins interest in the Criminal Court position here.

It appears that the committee selection of the 3 finalist have become a stumble block for Jenkins. So, he would support a General Sessions Judge being promoted to Criminal Court Judge. Because that opens a vacancy on General Sessions bench. The vacancy on the General Sessions bench is filed by Knox County Commission. A much easier appointment for Jenkins. When Jenkins becomes a Judge it would elevate First Vice Chair Phyllis Severance to Chairman. However, there was apparently a snafu over the First Vice Chair becoming Chair in Wilson County. It would serve them all well, to read the TN Republican Party bylaws before trying to promote Severance. You see the Knox County Republican Party does not have their own bylaws and MUST adhere to the TN Republican Party bylaws.

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