Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Knox County Commissioners Seek to Increase Political Patronage Dollars

The 11 members of the Knox County Commission took up the issue of their discretionary money. Each Commissioner has $3,000 to distribute to whatever group they personally desire. At their Chairman's luncheon on Monday the discussion is to increase the the amount to $10,000 per Commissioner. While Commission Chairman Hammond says that this is the taxpayers money being given back to the taxpayers, is bull crap. It is political patronage money. The Commissioners give this money to groups and organizations that they need to court favor with. The then get their picture made given the political patronage money to give the appearance that they are doing a worthy good deed. When in fact over 4 years they are buying re-election favors. Here is the story from yesterday's News Sentinel.


Hubert Smith said...

I agree with you. Here's the hypocrisy in this argument about it being the taxpayers' money. It's just like the argument politicans make for lowering taxes. The people can spend their own money better than the government. If anything, this slush fund should be eliminated totally on city council and county commission. This is nothing but "vote buying."

Anonymous said...


Why don't you investigate all of the travel of the County Tax Attorney, Chad Tindell. He has went to San Francisco (with an assistant), Memphis, Nashville, and a couple of other places and has an upcoming trip planned for Boston. When planning these trips, they are always detailed plans about where he will eat, stay, etc.

Keep in mind all of this travel since Duncan was sworn in?!!

Brian Hornback said...

Hubert, I agree. The City Council having $10,000 and at one time $30,000 is wrong. I am ok with taking it all away from both.

Anonymous, Thanks for the tip, I am not aware of the travel of the tax attorney. I can not imagine why he needs any travel. I will check on it as soon as I can.