Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is MacKay Up To Sliming His New Boss?

This story from today's Sentinel reeks of Greg MacKay trying to slime Rob McNutt in order to keep his job as Election Administrator. McNutt states he gave his id to the election workers and they told him what voting booth to go to. So, it seems that Mackay had not properly trained the election workers how to determine the difference between an address on the drivers license being different from the voters registration.

While, on the subject of the Election Commission Administrator. A longtime Republican activist took the Oath of Allegiance and was waving it around the commons area of Central High School saying somebody make Chairman Jenkins sign one of these. He allowed Greg MacKay to be appointed Administrator. MacKay is a longtime activist Democrat, he ran as a Democrat in 1998 for County Commission Second District.

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Anonymous said...

How can you possibly not believe that McNutt knew what he was doing. Everytime you vote you are ASKED (verbably) if the address on your voters card is your current address. He lied. How is this MacKay trying to slime him?