Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where o Where Is Sandy Loy?

For 36 weeks The Focus has published a column authored by Certified Construction Manager (CCM) Sandy Loy. Last week, I noticed that Sandy's column was not in the Focus. I just assumed that he was taking a much needed break (vacation) with last week having been Spring Break. So, when I looked at the Focus online Monday, still no Sandy Loy column. So, it begs to question. Where o Where is Sandy Loy?

Sandy is the expert on the proper role and functioning of entities like the Public Building Authority. Actually, he has made the case for what is broken in the current structure of the Public Building Authority and not only has he made the case for the community at large through his numerous articles in the Focus. He has been the go to guy that Commissioners and other public officials look to for insight on the Public Building Authority and the role of Construction Management for public buildings.

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