Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Cost of the Hillside and Ridgetop Task Force Boondoggle

Yesterday on Josh Flory's News Sentinel blog he unveiled here the Hillside and Ridgetop Plan map that appears on the KGIS website.

Brian's Blog last week submitted an Open Records Request for all expenditures in the creation of this government boondoggle. In FY 2008/09 there were 3,188 hours spread between 15 MPC staff members that cost the taxpayers $147,259 In FY 2009/2010 there were 2,682 hours spread among 11 MPC staff members that cost the taxpayers $141,402 In FY 2010/2011 there have been 1,115 hours spread among 8 MPC staff members costing the taxpayers $40,218. For a grand total of 6,984 hours and $353,984 for the 2.5 years.

MPC employees Liz Albertson and Mike Carberry appear to have worked extensively on the plan. In three years, Albertson logged 3,471 hours and compensated $150,653. Carberry having logged 998 and compensated $89,370. *The value of the staff time equals salary plus benefits plus overhead.

In addition to the salary values,

7/11/2008 the initial task force workshop cost $2,448 Leadership Knoxville was paid $1,600 for facilitation, $660 for breakfast and lunch and $138 for supplies.
8/25/2008 Print cost for material $282.36
9/29/2008 Rental for a 12 passenger van for a day trip to Asheville, NC (several MPC staff and task force members attended. $145.43 (lunch was provided by the City of Asheville)
10/8/2008 Attendance at TN Farmland Legacy Conference in Burns, TN $541.74
10/16/2008 Food for a task force meeting $28.09
11/4 and 11/7/2008 Gas cost of $11.82
11/18/2009 Print 5 maps at $65 each equal $325.00
11/19/2009 Print 10 maps at $65, 1 at $260 and 1 at $146 equal $1,056
4/12/2010 Food Cost for meeting $22.51

So the total cost of the boondoggle is $358,844.95

There were some revenue reported TN Department of Agriculture/Forestry Division Grant reimbursement of $24,700 Also, Tony Norman and Joe Hultquist gave $1,200 each. The assumption is that this is from their Commission/City Council discretionary spending accounts.

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