Thursday, March 24, 2011

Donila Is On The Job Like A Robocall

Lots of chatter and discussion about the fee office proposal. Yesterday lots of discussion about Steve Hunley, Secretary of the Knox County Republican Party and Publisher of the Fountain City Focus was planning to fund robocalls. Robocalls are the recorded messages that you receive during elections that ask you to vote for someone.

Mike Donila obviously got the same rumor that I was receiving yesterday. So, Donila began talking to the fee officeholders and confirmed that yes a meeting between Hunley and the fee officeholders happened at Litton's Fountain City. Apparently, Hunley can only drive across the street while he expects all the officeholders to drive from the City County Building to Fountain City. What arrogance Hunley must possess.

Here is the nugget of Donila's post that may prompt me to work on. A fee officeholder has promised Donila that Hunley is writing another editorial, like he did this week. Does Hunley really write those editorials and political analysis's or is there a ghost writer? Read Donila's post here.

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