Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knox County Fee Offices Under Attack

Yesterday, it seemed that Bruce Pearl was not the only person facing a Show Cause ruling that cost him the position that he has enjoyed for 5 or so years.

As the Knox County Commission sat down at their monthly work session, it seemed that Commissioner Richard Briggs reached in his back pocket and pulled out an agenda item that was quickly added to the agenda. It took a few minutes but all the affected fee officeholders (except Trustee Duncan, Clerk and Master Howard Hogan and Clerk Arnett) came to the commission meeting room to find out what allegation Briggs was making to effectively punish them with a Show Cause.

You see, Briggs and Commissioner Hammond have a resolution that will move the budgets of teh various feee offices under the Mayor's budget. This is not an old issue. The voters of Knox County voted on this issue in 2008 and the voters overwhelmingly said NO, leave the operation of the fee offices the way they are. Now, it seems that Law Director Joe Jarrett has opined that this is permissble.

There is so much more to this story. I will be blogging about it over the next day or two. As Knox County Commission intends to vote on Monday about the future of the fee officeholders ability to perform the job that we as taxpaying voters have elected them do.

Sources indicate that a certain Scripps employee (Sandra Clark) was overheard saying that she supports this intiative because of the way Mike Padgett ran the Clerk's office. Well, that is typical Sandra Clark. You see Mike Padgett hasn't been in office for over 4 years and she hasn't ever bothered to muster the courage to say anything like that to Mr. Padgett himself. She has always been very supportive of Mr. Padgett. But, let's remember Mr. Padgett's son is running for Knoxville Mayor and is running against an liberal extremist female. The type candidate that Sandra always supports. So, now you know the start of this latest turf war. Stay tuned.

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