Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Appointed Commissioner Carringer Make First Official Talk and Q&A

Last night at the Halls Republican Club meeting Michele Carringer, the appointed Seventh District Commissioner occupying Seat B until Scott Moore wins his appeal spoke. She stated that being born and raised in Ftn. City. She will be very supportive of growing the Halls Community Park. Her husband, Dr. Michael Carringer was in attendance. She spoke of her admiration for her 74 year old mother Irene McCrary who has recovered from hip surgery within the last two years and doing well.

She mentioned the latest Fox network show Huckabee. Where he defined the latest Stimulus package. Read it here. She said “I am not racist. I hate to think what me and my children will have to clean up after President Obama.”

She talked about being a substitute teacher in grades 6-12. She said that she substitute taught in public and private school. She said “All kids are the same whether they are in rich private schools or in the public schools.”

Three years ago she took a part time job in Cathy Quist’s office. As she was seeking the appointment she took a leave of absence and once she was selected as the "replacement" Commissioner it served as her resignation.

She talked about some of her volunteer work, in particular with an organization called TAP. They volunteer in the middle schools that will have them. She is aware that both Holston and Farragut Middles allow their organization in their schools. She said one goal is “to teach how AIDS is contacted. You would be flabbergasted how many people have AIDS in Knox County and how there currently is NO fear of contacting AIDS. So, we must teach them young.”

She talked about blight and in particular the blighted property of the old Black Oak Motel. She said that Grant Rosenberg of the Mayor’s office is working with the owner. The owner has an attitude that there is nothing wrong. She said “We just hope that Grant brings us the easy part and we get to vote on it.”

She said that "they are dreading the budget.”

On the topic of a potential sale of Hillcrest. She said “What can you say? It is in the 7th district. It has been the icon of the 7th district.” “They deal with respiratory issues, not just old people in a nursing home. If Hillcrest closed tomorrow I don’t know what they would do with the 500 plus residents in their three locations.” She made an appeal for assistance from those in attendance. “I ask that you all pray for a decision that will help Hillcrest and the commissioners make the right decision for the residents.”

During the question and answer period. I brought up the fact that the Commissioner that she replaced (Scott Moore) was one of the few Commissioners that voted against the budget last year due to the failed funding mechanism of the budget. I asked. Will you pledge NOT to raise taxes? “ABSOLUTELY. I don’t want to raise taxes. There is waste up there and we have to cut that.”

Gerald Turner asked about Republican Commissioners (a super majority) appointing Democrats –vs - Republicans as Chairman and to other positions. She stated that the “one judicial person that she voted for was a Republican and he was taken out.”

I won one of the door prizes, one of the better ones in my opinion. A 2009 Ronald Reagan calendar from the Ronald Reagan Foundation. With that the night ended.

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Anonymous said...

Appointed Commissioner Carringer sounds a bit snobbish to me in her comments.

I will be so glad when Scott wins his appeal and takes his rightful seat back from her.

Congratulations on winning the calendar.