Friday, February 27, 2009

McElroy Gets It Wrong. McElroy Should Step Down

The only thing consistent about the Editor of Knoxville's only daily newspaper is that he consistently gets it wrong. Take this mornings editorial "Phillips should step down from school board."

Here is where McElroy got it wrong. "That same committee, meeting for the first time Tuesday, voted 3-2 to recommend that Phillips be censured and to ask for his voluntary resignation. The recommendations go to the full board Monday for discussion and Wednesday for a vote."

The committee that met on Tuesday for the first time is made up of THREE (3) not five members. The members are School Boarders Sam Anderson and Thomas Deakins and school employee Rebecca Owens. There was not ONE (1) motion voted on Tuesday but TWO (2) motions. One motion was to recommend a censure and that vote was 3-0. The second motion was to ask for Phillips voluntary resignation and that vote was 2-1 with Owens casting the lone NO vote.

Now we assumed that the Lola Alapo, the education reporter was present at the Ethics Committee meeting but obviously she was not present or a member or two of the audience cast votes that she and McElroy counted.

This is a disgrace that McElroy gets it so wrong so consistently. Did he write this editorial so hastily that the facts simply did not matter. The motto of the Sentinel is supposed to be "give light and the people will find their own way." The light that McElroy is shining is leaving everybody in the dark. It is time for McElroy to step down and turn in the keys to the Big Metal Shed on the Hill.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe all the front row seats were taken and the horizontally challenged Editor was having line of sight difficulties?