Monday, February 09, 2009

Bill Lockett Update

Today, Knox County Law Director Bill Lockett terminated the counsel contract with Dean Farmer in the infamous mulch case. He has contracted with former Democrat Knox County Election Commission Chair Pam Reeves to conduct an investigation into the county's relationship with NRRT (the mulch contractor). Lockett will now assume the responsibilities once contracted to Dean Farmer, if Chancellor Weaver does NOT remove Knox County from the Brad Mayes -v- NRRT lawsuit.

Now, Brian's Blog has posted and blogged about some of the public gaffes of Law Director Lockett as we have about the public gaffes of nearly every public official. Our desire is that public officials be prepared for what ever is on the agenda of the day and to do a good job for the taxpayers. We know everyone is not perfect because all of us have made mistakes. As a blog we report what we see, hear and confirm.

We have received phone calls telling us that Bill Lockett is a good guy. Well, in politics good guys often end up at the bottom of the reject pile. As soon as Lockett can decide what questions may be asked and is prepared to answer them and when he figures out which people are bragging to him to his face but stabbing him in the back or trying to trip him up in order to file an ouster on him. Then and only then will he understand what he has gotten himself elected to and then he will genuinely prepared for the meetings and his role in them.

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