Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Karen Carson Advises Against Personal Conviction

School Board Member Karen Carson revealed tonight at the school board meeting that she attended a conference this week in Washington, D.C. (at the taxpayers expense?). This is the reason that she was a no show at Monday's workshop. She stated that she watched the workshop via the Internet.

On the school board resolution asking the U.S. Congress for stimulus money for k-12 education she stated that she had met with Senator Corker and Scott Fischer, the Educational Legislative Assistant to Congressman John J Duncan, Jr. Carson did not mention our TN US Senator Lamar Alexander, (you know the Chairman of the the US Senate Republican Conference).

Carson advised the school board that she told Corker and Fischer that in her opinion no matter what the personal philosophy of the elected representatives are in regards to the economic stimulus package that if it appeared that the stimulus package was going to pass then they should move for that money to go to education.

That's just lovely! As our Senator or Congressman she wants them to ignore their personal convictions, their personal philosophy. Do what is going to pass.

If you disagree with politicians being politicians as Carson has suggested for them to be. You know, abandon your beliefs, morals and convictions. What we at Brian's Blog have done and what we encourage you to do is contact Senator Corker and Congressman Duncan and tell them to stand for their convictions and do not cave in to the demands of Carson. To go along with whatever train is coming down the tracks.

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Adam Smith said...

I've got an idea: If Ms. Carson is going to spend Knox County money to travel to conferences (how does that help our public schools?) and lobby our elected leaders to do what the vast majority of us DO NOT WANT THEM TO DO--to vote for Pelosi's trillion dollar spending bill, then cut school board's unnecessary travel and keep our teachers on the payroll. I know, it's a drastic idea for the likes of Ms. Carson.

Sorry, Carson, but like it or not, Tennessee's 2nd Congressional District has not elected a Democrat since before the Civil War, and "going along to get along" with Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank is stupid.

Politicians got us to where we are by doing just that.

Personally, I was proud that all the House Republicans stuck to their guns on this spending bill. But holding onto one's convictions is what it takes to run and win political office.

By her logic, Duncan should vote against what his constituents want just to get a few dollars for Knox County--dollars the Congress NEVER normally sends to Knox County, and Loudon County, and McMinn County, and Monroe County, and Blount County? That kind of thinking is irrational, and sounds almost mentally ill to me. Very unstable. Sorry, but that kind of waste and abuse of the taxpayer might be OK in Oak Ridge or Washington, D.C., but not in Knox County ro elsewhere in teh Second District.

Now I wonder if Carson was in league with Lola Alapo in that irresponsible Sentinel article last week.