Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lockett Advises the School Board to STOP Violating the Law

On Monday evening Sam Anderson, Chair of the School Board Ethics Committee announced that he would be meeting with the Law Director today in order to determine how and in what way the committee will function before the School Board’s first Ethics Committee meeting on February 24, 2009. He advised the members of the board to contact Bill Lockett to give your views prior to today's meeting.

At this point Lockett interrupted the board and said. No, you can not call me and give me your take with the understanding that I will accumulate the board’s view. That is using an intermediary and is a violation of the Open Meetings Act, Sunshine Law.

Sources have informed us that the School Board regularly uses the Board Chair and the Superintendent as their Intermediary. With Lockett’s reaction to the obvious nature of what Anderson was attempting to do. We expect and anticipate that Lockett will be watching the Board Chair and Superintendent close in the future and will shut down any skirting of the Sunshine Law.

Good Job, Bill Lockett.


Ethicsman said...

This SCHOOL BOARD is going to be the next to be
in the court room.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for Bill Lockett!