Sunday, February 08, 2009

News Sentinel Ignores City Council Sunshine Law Violation

Today's News Sentinel has this editorial. They print Brown should get high marks for his leadership on the council. As his colleague Councilman Bob Becker noted, Brown was instrumental in mediation between the council and Mayor Bill Haslam. "Mark made sure the mayor's office heard the will of the council," Becker said. Brown should get high marks. Why? Because according to Becker he mediated between Council and the Mayor.

First, of all the Mayor chairs all council meetings shouldn't the Mayor be able to determine the council's will by the comments of council members at the open public council meetings? O.k. for the sake of making our point we will assume he can't. So, that means that Brown met with each council member and determined what the will of the body was and carried that view to the Mayor. That is an Open Meetings Law (Sunshine Law) violation. And the editorial staff of the Sentinel is patting Brown on the back for it.

So, it's wrong and worthy of a lawsuit for the County Commission to do it. But, we will pat the Council on the back for doing it. Good hypocritical work there Jack and crew.

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