Monday, February 02, 2009

How do the Planets Align for Pilot, News-Sentinel and the Haslam's

People have talked behind the scenes about how is it that Pilot and the News Sentinel have this close relationship? Is it the 50,000 plus Friday newspapers they buy? I don't think so.

How is it that a news reporter at WIVK and a news reporter from print media were informed that NO media would be allowed at the Bill Haslam $1,000.00 kick-off reception but the News Sentinel had the story immediately?

Who is the great Oz that operates this partnership from behind the curtain? Moxley Carmichael. Sources indicate that Pilot and the News Sentinel are their clients and that they may be entering the political world of spin control with the Bill Haslam for Governor. Even though SRW & Associates believe that they will get the gig. Time will tell. Heck, there may be enough money to hire everybody for spin control.

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