Monday, February 02, 2009

Dr. McIntyre on WBIR's Live @ Five Tomorrow 2/3/2009

Knox County School Superintendent Dr. James McIntyre is scheduled to be a guest on WBIR's Live @ Five tomorrow (February 3, 2009) In preparation for his visit they are asking you to submit a question or vote on questions that have already been submitted. So, far 32 questions have been submitted and 273 votes cast. Go check them out here. Then either submit another question or vote for one of these.


Anonymous said...

awaiting a post on Idiot Kincannon and her sunshine law violation. By the way, how is it that someone who doesn't value Knox Co's education system enough to enroll their own children winds up chairman of the school board? Someone PLEASE explain her thought process behind homeschooling her kids? If you wanna homeschool, fine, but don't be chairman of something you don't even believe in!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, however, that seems to be quite common among members. There have been several who have had some of their children in private school, including her fellow board member, Karen Carson. It makes me sick.