Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Agree with R. Neal. It is Raining Outside.

This post over on the new media known as KnoxViews is a post that I agree with. I have NEVER understood that people that post comments on KnoxNews consider that a blog or themselves as a blogger. I rarely post a comment on KnoxNews. I will not say that I have never or will never because that would be untruthful. It is rare.

I have referred to myself as a citizen journalist and that as a citizen journalist this is my paper with which I print my stories / commentary. We have and continue to be successful. When I first began this in August 2004, I allowed any and all comments. I shut it down for a year or so and then I opened it up to comment moderation. If your comment does not adhere to the rules that are published on the front page. They are NOT approved. It's as simple as that. Have a Better Than Good weekend.

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