Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Commissioner Broyles Assaults County Official

Sources at yesterday's County Commission meeting have informed me that a very upset and angry Commissioner Amy Broyles confronted Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's Chief of Staff Dean Rice. As she was making a point, she took the ink pen in her hand and hit him in the side of his face.

Additionally, she grabbed his tie and moved his head closer to her to ensure that he was hearing her.

If anyone did these things to Broyles, what would happen? Chairman Norman needs to censure her for these actions at the next meeting.


Anonymous said...

If you think Amy is mad now, wait until she learns of the new voucher program for taxi's so they can compete with CAC. She will have a mental breakdown.

What a hypocrite moonbeam Amy is. CAC is the most wasteful way to transport people. Taxi's consume much less gas and produce much less air pollution. The per ride cost of CAC is cost prohibitive. Knox County can save over $250,000 a year by allowing vouchers to the local taxi cab companies to haul CAC riders. Less money, less gas, less air pollution, and Amy will go crazy.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Anonymous said...

This is not good.

She sounds unstable.

I can understand people being passionate about an issue, BUT this crosses a line, and it is not good.

Hasn't she had brain surgery? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Commissioner Broyles support a Resolution condoning inappropriate behavior by elected officials?
(Read the "Reprimand of Commissioner Lambert" by Commissioner Briggs on the Commission Forum dated March 27, 2009. Commissioner Broyles replies on this thread.)

Anonymous said...

Dean Rice really ought to go and file for a warrant charging her with assault and battery. While she is not very likely to have to do any significant jail time, this will hold accountable for her actions. It should also be noted that when Greg Lambert was involved in a confrontation with an armed robber, he acted to have the robber arrested in a situation in which the use of deadly force would have clearly been legally justified.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she just needs some "liberal" help like counseling or an anger management class.