Sunday, September 09, 2012

Did Knox Focus Forget About Last Years City Election?

A year ago this month, the City of Knoxville had a primary election. In that primary election, Madeline Rogero and Mark Padgett advanced to the November runoff.

The three (3) at large City Council races were set up for a November runoff. Mark Campen was unopposed for his district race.

So imagine looking at the Knox Focus online tonight or a print copy beginning tomorrow and see where Former City Councilman and Former Vice Mayor Joe Bailey is identified as City Councilman and Vice Mayor of the City of Knoxville.

Surely, Vice Mayor Nick Pavlis will be surprised he is not Vice Mayor anymore according to the Focus.

It seems the Focus was not very focused on the facts. The celebrating of their Norman and Smith appointments as Commission Chair and Vice Chair must have been intense.

As Knox Focus Publisher Steve Hunley use to say about his papers role with the role of his competitor the Shopper News. "They say tomato, I say tomato" Well, if Hunley says Vice Mayor Bailey one year later and it is actually Vice Mayor Pavlis. Is that tomato or tomato?


Anonymous said...

Come on, man! That error was in a photo caption most likely written by Dan Andrews (assuming this since he took the photo), and it clearly was a brain fart. Dan knows his local politics.

Especially considering all of the material he's provided for your blog in the past few weeks with Pam Strickland debacle, I think you should give him a pass.

Brian Hornback said...

Photogs do not write stories or captions, I really doubt it was Dan. I mean Hunley has so many people writing over there, they can't print their names on by lines, it is mostly Focus Staff

Keeping Them honest said...

Facts do not matter to fact he never let's facts interfere with the story!

Anonymous said...

The Focus is almost as "focused" on the facts as Pravda was in the Cold War! From demoting Pavlis, to celebrating Tony Norman, to declaring Mike McMillan the most influential person on the school board, his only goal is the next election. Who needs facts when they get in the way of the real story? Next thing you know Michael Moore will be writing for them..but he would be "Focus Staff" too.