Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How is Broyles Different from "Lumpy"?

On March 28, 2009 Commissioner Amy Broyles posted on the Commission Forum Page in response to Commissioner Lumpy Lambert leaving his seat and going to someone in the audience ..."I do support either censure or a statement regarding appropriate behavior during commission meetings. I think a commissioner going out into the audience and confronting citizens has a chilling effect on citizen participation, in addition to simply being rude and inappropriate on the part of an elected official. I say all this with a heavy heart; I do not like the idea of censuring a colleague and someone I like very much. However, I think this is a necessary action the commission must unanimously take"

What Lambert did NOT do was touch or strike the person he was talking to.

What Commissioner Broyles did to Dean Rice, Chief of Staff to County Mayor Tim Burchett was battery (the harmful or offensive touching of another). She took an ink pen and struck Rice twice in the side of the face. In addition, she grabbed his neck tie and pulled him to herself in a manner to emphasis her anger and make her point.

Witnesses say that Broyles had an awkward smile on her face and appeared haggard.

Interesting to note that witnesses say that Broyles was upset that the Burchett administration asked for $350,000 for some items but didn't support the senior transportation. Oddly enough at the time Rice was explaining to the CAC ladies how to bid on the services.

In 2009, the Commission passed a resolution offered by Commissioner Briggs that read "The county commission will not condone any action or behavior that intimidates, insults, or threatens a citizen while exercising his right to appear before the county commission."

What Broyles did to the Chief of Staff is in violation of the rule she voted for. How Chairman Norman handles this violation by Broyles will foretell the next year for the commission.


Anonymous said...

Was this recorded? I think it needs to be shown, I'm not sure how she gets by with this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she needs to take a leave, and at least get herself checked out.

Did she look "haggard" as in fatigued, or as in overwrought?

There's a difference.

Maybe something else is going on.

Anonymous said...

As one commenter suggested maybe she just needs help.

At the very least, it looks like she may need an anger management class.

Anonymous said...

This is the first test of Tony Norman as Commission Chair. Amy's behavior is very different from any previous Commissioner. It is abusive, repetitive, and bullying. Will Tony Norman allow this to continue? If he does, he will diminish a Commission that is already on unsure footing.

Anonymous said...

Well, if anyone should be able to do it, it's independent Norman.

Broyles can't accuse him of being ANYBODY's plant or favored one.

If Broyles continues this, it not only hurts her own credibility, but it hurts the interests of her constituents as well.

It also hurts the credibility of the commission, just when they are beginning to gain confidence back from Black Wednesday and McIntyre's and the Establishment's pressure politics.