Saturday, September 08, 2012

Is The Truth in Tony?

Tony Norman is quoted in Georgiana Vines column today saying he did not do any lobbying or canvassing for votes for County Commission Chairman.

I believe an open records request for all 11 Commissioners phone records (home, office and mobile) would reveal if the truth is in Tony.


Anonymous said...

Brian, I don't think you'd have to go to those lengths to show Norman lied in the Vines column. He was on WATE's Sunday news show lobbying for the job. (You talked about that specific Tennessee This Week show in a blog post on Aug. 27).

Anonymous said...

While I think that phone records for a county owned telephone would probably be accessible under an open records search, I don't believe there is any legal basis to get access to his home phone records. Using private phones and e-mail accounts will enable individuals to prevent news media from getting access to their communications. I am sure that this will greatly bother Jack McElroy.

Anonymous said...

"I don't believe there is any legal basis to get access to his home phone records"

Unfortunately, as Rupert McElroy will try to do is to alledge that government business took place through private communications.

In the KNS's obsession in trying to pin scandal on Burchett, they are trying to show that any communication a public official has, whether over a public or private line, is fair game.

Really, McElroy is trying to out Rubert Murdoch, Murdoch.

Of course we will never see if there phone records between the soon-to-be-ex-wife and McElroy or anyone in Central Office.