Sunday, September 30, 2012

SRW - Susan Richardson Williams Article in the Product Produced at The Big Metal Shed on the Hill

Surprisingly The Big Metal Shed on the Hill has an interesting article on SRW. I bet Cynthia Moxley one of SRW's competitors is shaking her head trying to figure out how that got in the paper. You see Moxley represents the Big Metal Shed or maybe she did represent the Big Metal Shed?

Anyway, good story, SRW and I have disagreed on issues before but we have always remained with a dose of civility and always find something to laugh about when we are together. Can't say that for all the folks that don't like when I opine.


Johnny Fortunado said...

In my opinion, this is another puff piece thrown out there by the Big Metal Shed, probably written by SRW & Associates, business must have been bad this election cycle, she doesn't wield the power she though she wielded as evidenced by the diminishing spin business associated with the recesssion.

Her "power" is derivative of whatever the Haslam troops throw her way, her time on the Board of Trustees (she is the only trustee to ever file a workers compensation claim against UT) and on the TVA Board, were political plumbs that the Haslams didn't need/but wanted a person on a leash to fill.

Not impressed by the puff piece at all, there are more capable and more valuable spin shops in town that are more talented and tied in with many, many other clients other than the upper echelon of the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

If you sit next to the Haslam table you can beg for table scraps. A lot of people do it. Most don't go for the front page to advertise it.

Jack Flack said...

Word on the street is SRW is angling for the position as head of the SuperChamber as Edwards has really ticked off the rank and file citizen of Knox County and Mayor Burchette with their forays on everything Knox County. SRW knows all of the power players and the decision makers and is of the impression she could do a better job than Edwards. Plus, she could live large on $250,000 a year, plus perks, plus benefits which ain't coming from the spin business. Ask Cohen how bad it is.