Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does McElroy Think Before Publishing an Editorial?

The Big Metal Shed on the Hill's Jack McElroy wasted a lot of space on the editorial page of the News Sentinel today.

McElroy is complaining about the county's surplus and that everyone was surprised at the surplus. I remember while McElroy was ranting and raving about wanting an additional $35 million for schools (even if it meant new revenue) that Mayor Burchett and the county's finance department (even schools central office folk) saying there could be more dollars from surplus.

McElroy says that the monthly revenue should be available to everyone. Well duh, Jack! It has been transparent not only for the County Commission, it has also been available to anyone that has internet. Did the Big Metal Shed on the Hill cut internet?

Many people have been telling me they are beginning to think McElroy is moving into the role as chief spokesperson for Mayor Burchett's estranged wife. McElroy's use of an editorial that has misleading non factual information is taking that role too far.

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Anonymous said...

Has McElroy been whupped?