Thursday, September 27, 2012

SOS Met Today

This evening the group SOS Support Our Schools conducted their second organizational meeting of the day. Earlier today the group reports they had 27-30 people at their lunch meeting. Tonight, 15 people attended.

The group desires to become a grassroots information sharing entity for the community to schools and schools to community.

One participant asked about the perception that the group is a increase tax supporters. The group said that they need to emphasis the neutrality toward issues and demonstrate that they give both views of each issue,

As the session ended Ginna Mashburn approached me and told me how she was amused when I blogged about them reusing T-shirts. I said that's great normally when I post something like that, people are not amused.


Anonymous said...

So, they're basically trying to figure out how to re-sell themselves as "grass roots?"

Sorry, we didn't buy it last time, we won't buy it again.

If they want a better image, let them show all the emails between them and people in Central Office during the budget debate.

I mean, Jack "transparency" McElroy would support that weouldn't he?

If it's good enough for Knox County govt, it should be good enough for Knox County schools.

Anonymous said...

Since last time, this group used the Knox County Schools' email system for clearly political purposes, I think we need to see who is in this group, and if Central Office staff was corresponding with any of them during the work day last year.

Central Office's job is to manage the schools, not direct a political campaign.

If the Sheriff's office or mayor's office had done that, it would have been front page news.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the stuff that SOS is going to focus upon covered by the PTO or PTA groups?

Why does the SOS need to cover it, if it's already being done by those other groups?

Perhaps because those groups weren't willing to carry the budget water for the Central Office and McIntyre?

And why is SOS allowed to operate as a POLITICAL arm of McINtyre?

Isn't it seriously connected to the Great Schools Partnership which is also run out of the Andrew Johnson Building?

When is THomas just going to admit he's a front man for McINtyre?