Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ray Viles, Sr is a Good Man

There was a story in the product produced by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill that reported about a lawsuit by a certain Ford dealership in Anderson County that purchased Ray Viles Ford and as part of the agreement had a 10 year non compete for Viles at a Ford dealership.

When I bought the second vehicle that I ever purchased. Which was probably 1989. Ray Viles, Sr. was the General Sales Manager at Ted Russell Ford. I have not talked to Viles since that day 23 or so years ago. I have not and will never forget the man.

It seems from the article in the paper that Ray probably thought his working days were over when he sold his name and signed the non compete. However, he is now raising his two granddaughters and providing for their education.

First of all non competes are rarely enforceable. But a 10 year non compete? Come on that is ridiculous and it says he can only not sell Fords. Really?

Until the case is heard in court, Viles has apparently left his job as a salesman back at Ted Russell Ford. That is ridiculous.

If I had ever thought of buying a car from the certain Ford dealership in Anderson County, TN you can bet your whole farm, I won't now.

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