Friday, October 26, 2007

First Baptist Church Concord Grows

I attended the Farragut MPC meeting last week and took some notes to blog about the meeting. However, I wore one of the green stickers showing that I supported the expansion of FBCC. Bloggers can do that. Be covering an event and have a bias. Those tabloid papers are supposed to adhere to a "journalistic code".

But all went well. We can now proceed with our building expansion for our youth and the youth ministry.

A couple of interesting incidents at the meeting were.

1.) There were about three times the number of citizens than there were available seats. The crowd spilled out into the main space of Farragut Town Hall. Many of the FBCC youth went down and sat in the wide open area in front of the front row. Before Bob Hill, FMPC Chairman began the meeting he told the youth that they would have to go find a seat. Which was laughable. The FBCC youth were polite and simply got up and walked to and squeezed into the back of the crowded room. The audience applauded the youth for their professionalism. No word on the crowd's view of Bob Hill.

2.) Mayor Ford made the motion to move the item of the church to #3. A couple of ladies from Village Green were there for #3 and voiced objection because their item would take little time. They attempted to vote no on the moving of an agenda item and the crowd felt sorry for them. I stayed to hear the Village Green item to see what it was. The ladies were not present at the time of the hearing of their item, however it passed.

3.) Bob Hill relinquished the Chair and Ed St. Clair presided over the FBCC item. I am assuming that it is because Bob Hill resides in BelleAire Subdivision. However, he still participated in the meeting by asking questions and voting, so why vacate the seat as Chairman. A conflict of interest is still a conflict of interest whether you are Chairman or an acting member.

4.) Arthur Seymour, Jr was representing the citizen complainers. He said that they were pleased that the church was not going to relocate Belleaire Dr. (that has never been a part of the plan that has been presented to the Town of Farragut) that the church was not going to proceed with a high school (the church voted nearly 4 years ago, NOT to proceed with a high school)

The good news is that First Baptist Church Concord can and will GROW.

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