Friday, October 12, 2007

"So Lloyd, How's The Radio Business"

United States Senator Lamar Alexander was in Knoxville on Wednesday. Brian's Blog covered the Farragut 8:00 a.m. event. We had an anonymous Brian's Blog reporter at the 1:30 p.m. Halls event. The Halls event was at the new Knox County Halls Senior Citizen Center. There were three, yes three E.W. Scripps Halls Slopper reporters at this one event.

The funniest exchange came when former low watt radio talk show host Lloyd Daugherty came to see and hear Senator Alexander. This would be the same Lloyd that is Chairman of the 2 guys and a fax machine Tennessee Conservative Union and the guy that brags about walking through the snow of New Hampshire to derail the Alexander for President campaign in 1996.

Senator Alexander seeing Lloyd asked "So, Lloyd. How is the radio business?" Lloyd stammered something about the owners selling the station from underneath him. This is funny because when Lloyd went off the air in early 2007 (February or March) he assured the listeners that they were in high level negotiations to land in a better situation. No Lloyd and No Kelvin since early 2007 and even our Senior Senator hasn't missed them. Have you?


Anonymous said...

Were they on the station that now has the sucessful "Let's Talk Frank" show from 3 - 6 p.m. That is AM 850.

But that can't be right. Because Am 850 is not a low watt station. What were they on?

Bruce said...

They were on 1170 am.

Brian Hornback said...

No. They were on AM 1180. You couldn't get the signal in deep west knox county.

Scott Emge said...

I live in Concord and I could get it. It was a great show. I'm looking forward to Lloyd and Kelvin getting back on the air.

Brian Hornback said...


Don't hold your breath. They obviously were not in high level negotations and more than likely will not be back on the air anywhere.

Brian Hornback said...

A comment was sent that challenged our reporters account of the incident. I could not post the comment, because there were so many mis-spelt words that it is too difficult to read.

I will say that we confirmed with two other individuals present at the Halls meeting in addition to our reporter. The two individuals confirmed our reporters account. So, if those two people are considered reporters instead of sources, we Brian's Blog had as many reporters as the E.W. Scripps tabloid had.

Dave Oatney said...

I do miss Lloyd and Kelvin quite a lot. Theirs were voices of conservative sanity.

Brian Hornback said...


I understand. However, the departure or void left from Lloyd and Kelvin being on Knoxville talk radio has been replaced with you with Oatney On Air and with a most excellent daily talk show from 3 - 6 p.m. on AM 850 with the "Let's Talk Frank" show. Lee and Terry Frank are doing a GREAT job.