Monday, October 29, 2007

TCU and the Alexander for President Campaign

I recently posted about an exchange between our Senior United States Senator Lamar Alexander and Lloyd Daugherty. I made a reference in that post to the comment that Lloyd makes regularly about the TCU walking through the snow of New Hampshire to derail the presidential campaign of Lamar Alexander.

On Saturday at 3:50 p.m. I received an email from Kelvin Moxley, former co-host of Lloyd Daugherty's radio show. In the email, Kelvin shared a quote from an article about the TCU's involvement in New Hampshire. Here is the quote: "Working the back of the room as he spoke were two people who wished him no good. Lowell Lynch, who identified himself as the secretary of the Tennessee Conservative Union, was handing out fliers that said Mr. Alexander had raised taxes and fees 52 times while Governor; in small print, the fliers said, "Paid for by Dole for President Inc." Nearby, listening, was Lyn Nofziger, the old Nixon and Reagan operative from California, now a Dole supporter." R. W. APPLE JR., New York Times, February 19, 1996

I assume the quote is accurate, but after reading it. I forwarded two questions to Kelvin and am awaiting his response. So was it wasn't a TCU information campaign? Was it a use of the TCU by the Dole campaign?

TCU could have been a 527 group working with the Dole campaign. I don't know. I am waiting for Kelvin's response to my email on Saturday at 7:25 p.m. I will report the findings.


SteveMule said...

Did they have 527's in '96? I thought that 527 were a consequence of the McCain-Finegold Campaign Finance Reform Act. Sounds to me like this was a perfect example of the "the enemy of my enemy is my frined." I'm not surprised that the TCU (three guys and a FAX machine - as I've heard it described) and the Dole Campaign were together on this.


Joey said...

I'm just curious why you seem to be on Daugherty and Moxley lately. You should be thanking them everytime you open your paycheck and see that you have more money to spend on your family and church due to their work to keep people like you from paying a state income tax. Seems a little ungrateful to me. Why have they suddenly become your enemies? Just asking...

Brian Hornback said...

Steve, You are correct, I believe. There were no 527 in '96. It was the easiest way to describe what TCU was doing.

Brian Hornback said...


I am not "on" Daugherty and Moxley. Actually I would not have published this quote without Kelvin having sent it to me on Saturday. I am sure that we are fine or Kelvin wouldn't have sent me the information.

As for owing or thanking them for not having a state income tax. I too informed my representatives and senators that I did NOT want a state income tax.

I have been active in local, state and national Republican politics since 1982. So, I don't view their activity any different than mine.

Again, I view Daugherty and Moxley not as enemies but as fellow Conservatives.

Joey said...

Thanks for your answer. What about Mr. Lynch? Is he also a fellow conservative?

Brian Hornback said...

I do not know Mr. Lynch, I am not sure if he is still with us or not (living that is) My understanding is that he is not or was not from Knox County.

He did a good job evidently in 1996 being an operative for the Dole campaign in New Hampshire, according to the article quote that Kelvin was gracious enough to send to me, for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of Brian's Blog readers.