Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is It Perjury To Lie Before A State Legislative Committee?

A reader of Brian's Blog sent me this link to Ben Cunningham's blog. Back in May 2007, Kelvin Moxley former co-host of the low watt radio talk show that Lloyd Daugherty hosted, appeared before a state legislative committee.

Kelvin testified before the committee against the proposed smoking ban. BTW, the bill passed. The opposite of what Kelvin wanted. I am posting the video, because when you watch it or fast forward it to the end. Kelvin was asked about his residence in Wilson County. Kelvin says that he is in Knoxville hosting a radio talk show.

Kelvin's show ended in February or March of 2007 and he appeared in front of the State Committee in May 2007. Is it perjury to lie during testimony in front of a state legislative committee?


P.T. said...

How can you possibly determine from his comments that he said he is currently a radio talk show host? What he says in response to the question "how long has it been since you lived,etc" was "about 5 years...been in Knoxville doing a radio show". He doesn't say he is the current host of a radio show. Brian, you really need to step back and put some thought into what you post. It hurts your credibility, especially when you attack nice people without cause.

Brian Hornback said...

P.T. Interesting observations that you have made here. However, I must correct you. I haven't attacked a nice person, a bad person or any person. On this post, Brian's Blog is simply asking a qusetion, not attacking anyone.

Kelvin certainly understands the nature of being in the eye of the public and questions being raised about someones choice of words used in legislative testimony.

Rob Huddleston said...

Brian -

Well, it depends. If Kelvin was sworn in before testifying in front of a legislative body, then he could face perjury charges if he told a provable untruth.

However, in watching the video, I don't see where he did so or even came close to doing so.