Saturday, October 20, 2007

Serious Republican Candidates for Knox County Trustee

Well, first it was Fred Sisk and L.B. Steele and now enter former Republican School Board Chairman Steve Hill. That's right REPUBLICAN School Board Chairman. Steve Hill was elected and served on the School Board when you actually had to proclaim your party loyalty.

Back then the school board had one Democrat and now that it is non-partisan it has one strong Republican, Cindy Buttry and two - three others that support Republicans in most elections.

So non-partisan = Democrat majority.

Steve Hill will be an excellent addition to the Trustee race. He has private sector experience working with St. Mary's Health System as the Government Relations go to guy.

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment on Fred Sisk.

My wife answered the door the other day and a lady handed her a "Insist on Fred Sisk" doorknocker brochure and asked for her support. Then she said Fred was in the car if she wanted to ask him any questions.

Please tell me Fred Sisk is handicapped, or has a bad foot or something. Surely he does not really sit in the car while someone else knocks on doors.

I had not even thought about who to vote for but I know who not to vote for.