Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is It Legal?

Is it legal for the 8 formerly appointed Commissioners to still maintain the title of Knox County Commissioner?

Try this link for an example.

Enquiring minds are enquiring.

Paging Chancellor Fansler. Paging Chancellor Fansler.


Anonymous said...

Certainly in this incident on October 11, 2007 at 8:29 p.m. Sharon Cawood is impersonating and elected official (ie. Commissioner) She will be well served to take her juvenile website down.

Bruce said...

It is certainly unethical for her to call herself a Knox County Commissioner since Chancellor Fansler vacated the office in which she previously served. But, then again. What would we expect since she and her husband both are Guilty of violating a Tennessee law. The one called the Open Meetings Law.

Anonymous said...

Former officeholders are often afforded the courtesy of retaining the title of their office (References to "Senator" Thompson, for example).

However, the appointments that put these 8 into office have been declared void - as if they did not occur.

I would think it appropriate to refrain from the usual courtesy for all 8 of the voided appointees.

Brian Hornback said...


You are half way accurate. It is customary for citizens to bestow the honor of Senator on a former Senator like Thompson, Frist or Baker.

However, it is not correct or customary for Frist, Baker or Thompson to call themselves Senator.

What the former appointed Commissioner has been doing since her position was vacated by Chancellor Fansler is impersonating an elected official.