Sunday, October 07, 2007

News-Sentinel Doesn't Believe The Law or Rules Apply To Them

A knock on the door at 8:15 p.m. on Thursday night October 4, 2006 was interesting and very telling about the News-Sentinel's NEW attitude. It was dark and certainly would not be a door to door salesman. Because my neighborhood has a sign posted at the entrance that states NO SOLICITING.

So, who is at my door? It is none other than a door to door salesman for the News-Sentinel. The News-Sentinel's editor Jack McElroy had just won the verdict of Guilty in the Knox County Chancery Court lawsuit against the Knox County Commission.

Then on Friday, I attempted to get a response from Carolyn Gibson, the News-Sentinel / E.W. Scripps Supervisor in charge of door to door sales representatives. She did not respond to multiple phone calls to her phone extension at the Big metal building on the hill. I will continue this coming week to attempt to get her response for her companies representatives ignoring the rules or law of a neighborhood or subdivision.

On first glance, it appears that all the employees of the big metal building on the hill believe that the rules or laws do not apply to them, so they ignore them. Secondly, how desperate has the News-Sentinel come to, that they must resort to door to door strong arm tactics to increase their subscription count. We know they were desperate enough to have bought the tabloid bully editor girls paper. That purchase obviously didn't work for them.

I have placed my phone numbers on the Do Not Call list, so they can not reach me at home by phone. I own a residence in a neighborhood with NO SOLICITING at the entrance of the subdivision, to avoid the harassment of the door to door salesmen like I had on Thursday night.

So, now the News-Sentinel believes because 12 individual jurors gave them a victory, then they do NOT have to abide by rules or laws of a community or neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

If you saw today's editorial ,

you saw where the KNS believes that
(t)he school calendar is properly the decision of the school system, which is charged with educating our children.

Isn't it interesting that after weeks and weeks of hearing how the government is not the commissioners' government, but the people's government, that when it is in the KNS's interests to support the inept school bureaucracy, we find out that the schools (paid for by taxpayers) aren't really the public's schools, but rather the schools are the bureaucratic "experts' " schools to run as they see fit?

Then comes these Pulitzer Prize winning zingers:

But parents deserve a say....

"Deserve?" No, they have a right. Otherwise, it's taxation without representation. People no longer have a chance to vote for superintendents, and the KNS would like to see the County Commission whittled down to, say, eleven members.

Then there's this: And we're glad it includes a discussion of year-round schools.

After writing an editorial on how the school board moved the start of the school year back to lengthen summer, the editor then has either the audacity or ignorance, most likely both, to think that parents who want a longer summer will agree to a schedule that has two and three week vacations scattered about, plus about a month and a half in the summer.

I know as soon as year a round scheduling goes into effect, all the administrators would expect and get more pay for basically having to work a full year.

As private schools expand in Knox County, the Knox County school system has two choices: One, either start listening to parents more and public education "experts" less, or two, start building a wall around the public school system like the Communists did around the Soviet Union and East Bloc.

Tim Ferraris said...

You don't think that administrators work a full year?

Talk about audacity and ignorance...

Brian Hornback said...

Tim, what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I was extremely upset the day the jury's verdict was read. I received a telemarketing phone call for a subscription for the KNS. I had told the marketers to quit calling me about a month earlier. But the KNS felt a sales push after the verdict would be acceptable. The Sunshine Lawsuit was an effort to sell papers! Any other reasons given by McElroy was just a cover!

Anonymous said...

I, too, had a salesman come to my door trying to sell News Sentinel subscriptions. I turned him down because...Surprise!, I already get the Sentinel delivered. However, he was unaware of that before he rang my bell.