Friday, October 05, 2007

Karns High School Football

UPDATE: 10:29 P.M.: Jefferson County beat Karns 23-13 this evening. Coach Reeves may be headed for the gate for good. Karns will not lose next friday, it is an open week.

Sources close to the Karns High School football team have informed Brian's Blog that there are some hurt feelings and some hostility brewing with the Karns football program and their new football coach. It came to a head last Friday when Karns was defeated by Carter at their Karns homecoming. This was the first homecoming loss in 5 years. Former Coach John Fulkerson never coached a homecoming loss during his years at Karns.

At the conclusion of the homecoming game, parents gathered outside the locker room desiring to hear from their Coach. He did not come out to speak with parents. In fact it is reported that the security officers present had to ask the parents to leave. It is also reported that some parents as they were leaving began chanting "We want Fulkerson."

Let's look at the Karns Win loss record so far this year.
Lose - Jamboree - Webb 14 Karns 0 (one quarter of play)
Win - Lenior City 13 Karns 34
Lose - Morristown East 13 Karns 7
Lose - Sevier County 34 Karns 21
Lose - Powell 23 Karns 9
Lose - Bearden 35 Karns 6
Lose - Carter 20 Karns 7 (homecoming)
Lose - Jefferson County 23 Karns 13
10/12 - Open Date
10/19 - Kingsport D-B (Senior Night) Home
10/26 - Science Hill (@ Science Hill)
11/2 - Campbell County (@ Campbell County)

Former Karns Coach John Fulkerson was recruited away from Karns and Knox County to a school system in the State of Georgia. He is a teacher and an assistant coach in Georgia. The teams record is 3 wins and 1 loss in the region and 3 wins 2 losses overall. The team is currently in second place in their region.


Anonymous said...

All those kids should just switch over to rugby. The Karns rugby program is one of the best in the state...

Brian Hornback said...

So, it is o.k. to let one program to slip into the ruins. It is acceptable to have only viable athletic program. NOT!

Anonymous said...

the Karns football program is a direct reflection of its leadership (the coaches). The community of Karns should demand a coaching staff that are trully goodmen, my son played for this staff two years and I will tell you hey are terrible, they use very bad languge and treat the boys as if they have no use for them unless they can win games. someone should approach the admin with a plan to get a coaching staff with some intergerty cause this one as ZERO.