Sunday, October 21, 2007

Governor Mike Huckabee Strong Showing at Value Voters Conference

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had a strong showing at the value voters conference hosted by Tony Perkins and the folks at the Family Research Council, this weekend. The straw poll was conducted yesterday.

This straw poll could be cited as the 21st century equivalent of the Nixon-Kennedy debate. Do you remember the story on that debate? The citizens watching the debate believed that Kennedy won and the ones listening on radio believed Nixon won.

The only difference in this incident and that one is that the FRC members that voted online may not have watched or listened to all the speeches over the weekend. It is fair to say that a percentage of those voting online may not have seen any of the speeches.

The attendees present at the Hilton Hotel at the Value Voters Conference gave Mike Huckabee 51% of the straw poll vote. However, when the online voters were factored in Governor Mitt Romney edged him out with a 30 vote victory over Huckabee.

The Value Voters selected Mitt Romney, first. Mike Huckabee, second. Texas Congressman Ron Paul, third and Senator Fred Thompson, fourth.

The two candidates that finished at the bottom are: Senator John McCain, last and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, next to last.

The former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, the man from Hope, Arkansas is surging and at just the right time.

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