Sunday, March 16, 2008

De Plane Boss De Plane II

On Saturday we posted this about Brian Bingelli's use of a jet airplane that brought he and his wife to Knoxville for his second interview. Brian's Blog and WBIR can not get a straight word out of Knox County School officials or Brian Bingelli about his free ride around the world.

Lola Alapo was a guest on the Hubert Smith Radio Show today and was asked about the airplane and she said that she asked and was told "it was a private citizen doing a favor for a private citizen."

Brian's Blog has asked three members (1/3) of the school board and one school board member - elect and they all remain tight lipped. Brian's Blog has asked Russ Oaks, the PR guy for Knox County Schools and he has not been forthcoming.

However, we have it on good authority that the plane was an aircraft of Pilot Corporation and Jim Haslam. The father of Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. Why are they so tight lipped about it?

Could it be the perception of a major contributor to the School Board Chair's re-election campaign providing a free jet airplane for the next probable Superintendent is a bad perception?

On the campaign financial disclosure statement dated January 29, 2008 Karen Carson received not only the $4,500.00 from the Public Trust PAC but, Susan Whitney Haslam gave $500.00, James Haslam II gave $500.00, James Haslam III gave $500.00, Susan Haslam gave $500.00 and Bill Haslam gave $200.00

So, $2,200.00 from the Haslam family on the pre-primary financial disclosure. What kind of perception is that when Mayor Haslam has a one on one and the use of his families airplane?


Laurie Alford said...

If it is a "private citizen doing a favor for a private citizen" than why is it a secret? They think we are all too stupid to figure it out. Carson quote in the paper - "It seems to me that we've got criticisms now anyway". Let me re-phrase that for you - "I really don't care what you think". Well you see what just happened to the Charter group... you can't buy us. We need to call them out on it guys; this process has been seriously compromised with planes and one-on-one with the mayor.

truth4knox said...

So, the private plane donor is "Not tied to schools," is it Karen Carson? Really? I don't know too many more people of local position and influence actually tied to our schools than Mayor Haslam and the Haslam family, do you?! Karen obviously continually tried to keep this relationship 'under the radar,' however others felt it beneficial for us, the taxpayers, to know. Is it possible that Karen also wishes that the donor contributions to her campaign were kept behind closed doors? Is one in such a position to make financial, educational and other decisions that impact our communities or is one more interested in building a personal power agenda? The betterment of our communities and children deserve to know. We, the taxpayers need to know!