Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knox Charter Petition Is Trying To Take Away Term Limits

Tonight at the public forum, I went forward and made the statement that in 1994 Knox County citizens voted for term limits. In 2006 the Tennessee Supreme Court upheld term limits and Knox County began adhering to them.

So with the appointment of the fee offices then why are you, the Knox Charter Petition people taking away term limits? Because nowhere in the charter change does it prohibit a fee office holder from holding the position for more than one Mayor's term(s).

Brad Hill said well, you are assuming that corporate cronyism is going to occur. Well, yeah. I then countered with look, your proposal is allowing cronyism because I could raise $50,000 Mike could raise $50,000 and John could raise $50,000 and we could fund a mayoral race in order to have a position for years.

Brad Hill acknowledged "you got me there." Kathy Hamilton and Jim McClain were muted and said nothing.

Kathy Hamilton former Knox County Finance Director and ring leader of the 56 man circus known as Knox Charter Petition could get herself appointed Finance Director again. Like she did when Dwight Kessel and Tommy Schumpert were elected as County Executive. She survived multiple Executives. So, it isn't without precedent.

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