Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why Were The Two "Outside" Superintendents Treated to a Mayor Haslam One on One?

Brian's Blog has received a tip that the two "outside" finalists for Knox County School Superintendent were treated to one on one meetings with Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. It was not until the Board Chair was informed of the "secretive rendezvous" that James McIntyre and Brian Bingelli were then taken to the Knox County Mayor's office to meet with the County Mayor, Mike Ragsdale. Ragsdale recommends to the county commission (the funding body) the amount for the General Operating and Capital budgets for Knox County Schools.

At first the board chair said that the candidates were meeting all elected officials in a large group setting, once the board chair realized that Mayor Haslam had a one on one. The schedule changed to include Mayor Ragsdale the one Mayor that recommends the funding level for schools.

Why was Knox County's internal finalist, Robert Thomas not treated to a one on one with Mayors Haslam and Ragsdale?

Is the fix in?


6th floor city employee said...

If the board selects Brian Bingelli or James McIntyre I hope when he goes over to Mike Ragsdale to ask for anything that Ragsdale looks him square in the eye and says "go ask Mayor Haslam to help you."

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that mayor Ragsdale already knows and has met Mr. Thomas?


Brian Hornback said...

That is NOT a valid excuse. All three fianlists should be treated in the exact same manner. As a candidate he will feel the freedom to establish himself as an independent finalist for Superintendent. As an Assistant Superintendent he was an employee of the Stupidentendent. As a Superintendent he will be an employee of the board.

How would you like to be competing for a job with me. The board interviewing us treats me differently really getting to know me and does nothing for you. They hire me and not you. is that a fair hiring practice? Especially when it is $240,000 of mine and your tax money.

6th floor city employee said...

You also missed the point that it wasn't until it was pointed out that Mayor Ragsdale was overlooked and that Haslam got a one on one that Carson and Sam Anderson asked if Mayor Ragsdale would llike a one on one.

It was a snub to Ragsdale, while trotting the finalist to Haslam. The one mayor that does so little for schools. Actually, the city voted itself out of the schools business.

However, the haslams continue to buy school board members. Just check the financial disclosures of Anderson, Murphy, Carson, Jim McClain and others.