Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knox Charter Petition Group....The Truth Ain't In 'Em

When I was a young man, I heard one of my elders refer to someone as "the truth just ain't in 'em"

Well, that would justly apply to the Knox Charter Petition group. The stood before the Knox County Commission at the Wednesday workshop and said they did not know who Strategic Partners is. Strategic Partners contributed $5,000.00 nearly 10% of the money the group has raised.

Now we find out that former Knoxville Chamber Partnership President Raja Jubran is the leader of Strategic Partners. They expect us to believe that Laurens Tullock, Kathy Hamilton, Jim McClain, Attorney Tom McAdams, Brad Hill, Mary Lou Kanipe and all the pro-metro/unified government members of Knox Charter Petition did not know that Raja Jubran gave $5,000.00. I call that bull and believe that the saying from years ago apply on this situation. "The truth ain't in 'em"


old city guy said...

You can tell this group is shady. Tom McAdams, Laurens Tullock, Kathy Hamilton and that Brad Hill character. The title of this post tells it all.

Don't you know ole' Fat Mc was billing them by the second during that six hour workshop. They had $58,000. after Wednesday they have about $40,000.

South Knox said...

Jim McClain, what a joke. When he was on the school board all the Superintendents were told they had to use his wife as their realtor.

Atomic City said...

Can an "employee" of the federal government serve on a "political" board like knox charter petition?

I thought there were federal laws against that kind of stuff.