Monday, March 31, 2008

Victoria DeFreese Press Conference

I attended the Victoria DeFreese Press Conference. I think she makes a point that I hadn't thought about prior to her press conference. Does the Tennessee law specifically the TN Open Records Act supersede the U.S. Constitution. The argument that many of the Ron Paul supporters have argued is that we are governed by the United States Constitution and nothing else. You know in considering that the past several hours, they have a valid point as well.

As you recall, I am not a BIG fan of Prince Phillip of Nashville. So, when he and the legislature pass a law that is not specifically in the U.S. Constitution than it is a law that is suspect.

I have been impressed with Victoria DeFreese independence and her ability to jump right in to a job that she will hold for six - seven months. I am still impressed with her ability to operate within this government structure.

I am equally impressed that she refused to speak to fellow Commissioners that attended her press conference. For the reason that she would be found in violation of the Sunshine law. I saw her rebuff two Commissioners.

Commission Chairman Tank Strickland came long long enough to get a copy of the letter that he had already been copied on by the County Mayor. Strickland then immediately left, we assume to avoid being asked any questions by the media or because Mayor Haslam had an urgent matter for him to attend to. We are not sure which is the case.


Stushie said...

Brian, it's not a legitimate request. If you look at the section of the act concerning emails, it refers to these requests being made to employees of a branch of government.

The commissioners are representatives of the people, not employees of the Mayor. Victoria is correct in refusing to hand over the emails.

Brian Hornback said...

I agree. Commissioner DeFreese pointed out to me the language concerning "agency" or branch of government.

I find it interesting that Van De Vate now says that the Mayor's office will NOT pursue it. Van De Vate also said that this was a routine letter. I asked the three or four Commissioners there, and none of them had ever received a letter like this from Van De Vate.

I wonder if Van De Vate was acting on his own on this and that is why now the Mayor's office is now not pursuing it.

Anonymous said...

She should be hiding behind the fifth amendment, protecting herself from self-incrimination.