Wednesday, March 05, 2008

McCain Going To The White House, Today.....NO!

It is reported that Republican Presidential candidate John McCain will visit the White House today and will obtain the endorsement of President George W. Bush.


I don't particularly like the idea of a George W. Bush endorsement but it's necessary and the George W candidates didn't make as far as Huckabee and McCain.

Now, before all of you think that my comments have to do with the war, you are wrong. George W is NOT the conservative that he campaigned that he was. George W has increased spending in every department, he has instigated and grown more bureaucracy, he has not done enough to protect the lives of the unborn, he has not been supportive of a fair tax.

George W has accomplished some things that I do like. He has brought accountability to the classrooms of public education with No Child Left Behind. He has responded to the terrorist groups that attacked us on 9/11/2001.

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DuMan said...

Why would McCain want the endorsement of a man with a 30% approval rating? Heck, Brian Hornback has a better than 30% approval rating.