Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Over and Now I Return To The Candidate of 2000

Mike Huckabee ran a great race, but tonight it is over. Huckabee said "I would rather lose an election, than give up my principles." All that I can say to that is "Preach, Preacher!"

My candidate of 2008 didn't make it but, he was the last one standing. Congratulations to my ole' friend Chip Saltsman. He did a great job as the National Campaign Manager for Huckabee. Huckabee will be the voice for those of us that are the Conservative, Evangelical voters. We still have a voice and Huckabee will be our strong voice to protect the unborn, to be our voice to scrap the IRS and replace it with a flat tax and he will be our voice for leaders of integrity and courage.

It is now time to support McCain. McCain was my choice in the Republican primary of 2000. So there will be no problem supporting him again. McCain is better than anything the Demo's have to offer.


Anonymous said...

mebbe...Huckabee would have done better if he had picked somebody better than a former driver for Don Sundquist to be his National Campaign Manager?

Brian Hornback said...

Chip did a great job. There are a few people here in TN that brag about their involvement in this campaign or that campaign, 10 or 20 years ago. Chip was involved in Don Sundquist campaign and administration but unlike the people that are jealous of him. Chip is stil relevant. He is not a one shot wonder.

Chip did well. He even went against TN's facorite son and lasted longer than ole' Fred.

Anonymous said...

...didn't he get demoted during the campaign though? Doesn't seem that would happen if he was doing such an all-fired good job.

Brian Hornback said...

no he did not. he and ed rollins were equals.