Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hey, Jim McClain "You Have Lost It!"

Today's Georgiana Vines column is all about the appointed County Commissioner Victoria DeFreese. Shortly after her appointment we nicknamed all the Commissioners that did not already have nicknames. We nicknamed DeFreese "Class Mom". We said then that she brought class to the commission in addition to her skill as a home school mom. We were right then and it still holds today.

Jim McClain, former School board member from South Knoxville criticised DeFreese in Vines column by saying. "She's been aggressive early. The old general rule is, once in office, you sort of listen awhile."

Well, Jimbo you ain't on the field anymore. Remember in 2006 the citizens of South Knoxville rejected you to re-elect Robert Bratton. What Jim's statement really means is shut up while my people do what they want to do and we will tell you when to speak up.

McClain attempted to silence Brian Hornback immediately on his taking office on September 1, 2000. Brian asked several questions at the first board workshop and meeting where he was a member. McClain pulled him aside and said "no rookie has ever asked questions at their first workshop and meeting." Mr. Hornback said, "well Jim I have studied the packet and if I have questions I will ask them. If I have a difference of opinion, I will voice it. My district didn't elect me to let you run the show."

At the end of the forum that Commissioner DeFreese hosted, McClain attempted to provoke Paul Pinkston into a shouting match. Pinkston defended himself and sat down. McClain continued shouting, "I am Paul's Sunday school teacher" While McClain was all red faced and fuming and Pinkston was sitting in his chair, smiling.

Now McClain is attempting to pick a fight with DeFreese. Here in Knox County, we men respect the voice of an intelligent, well spoken woman. DeFreese fits both. McClain your time is up, you have officially lost it.

DeFreese has defenders that will defend her and this blog is one member of the DeFreese defense team, should she need it. We don't think she will. Because the citizens of Knox County can see through McClain's actions and his words.

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