Sunday, March 23, 2008

This Vote on Monday May Reveal a Major Conspiracy

The actions of flying Brian Bingelli in on Pilot's jet may have been affront to sabotage the candidacy of Brian Bingelli.

Instead the board members that support an outside candidate, may in fact have planned this sabotage on Bingelli in order to vote Jame McIntyre in as Superintendent.

Time will tell.

Unfortunately, Bingelli and McIntyre have been used for a power play against the citizens of Knox County.


Anonymous said...

Uh, ... any idea on who shot Kennedy?


Brian Hornback said...

Did you not take history in middle school?

Brian Hornback said...


Just remember if McIntyre is elected, your read it here first. There has been little discussion about him and allot of discussion on Bingelli.

My vast experience prompts me to realize that the one they talk little about is the annoited one.

If they vote for Bingelli, he is bought and paid for by the City Mayor's family. If they vote for McIntyre, the fix was in to corrupt Bingelli.