Saturday, March 29, 2008

News-Sentinel Expose' That Will Never Be

Check this GREAT expose' from our friends at the News-Sentinel today. They say that the County Mayor spending $197.10 from his campaign funds may be a violation because it is a personal expense.

Here is something for the Scripps owned tag team of McElroy/Hartmann to investigate.

When the City Mayor (William "Bill" Haslam) goes on a trip and rides in the same jet that carried Brian Bingelli here. Is the plane a family owned jet, if it is than that is likely an acceptable mode of transportation. It would be like the personal vehicle he drives or the bicycle that he rides to the city - county building for photo ops, once a year. However, if the plane is a corporate jet, owned by Pilot Corporation or Pilot Travel Centers, LLC. Then it is likely a corporate contribution and is very likely illegal.

Brian's Blog will venture to guess that the Scripps owned tag team of McElroy/Hartmann will NEVER look into this expose'.

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