Saturday, May 03, 2008

90 MInutes in Heaven

Don Piper is a minister in Texas. He had left a conference and his car was hit by a large Texas Department of Corrections truck, driven by an inmate. When the EMT arrived they declared him dead at the scene. Another minister stopped and was prompted by God to pray for the person. A person that he didn't know.

He climbed in through the back of Don Piper's car, laid his hand on Piper's shoulder and prayed and sang. After an intense time of prayer and worship Piper began singing along with him, "What a friend we have in Jesus." The man left the car demanded that the EMT re-check the wreck victim. He did indeed have a pulse, thus resulting in Piper having returned to this earth, after spending 90 minutes in Heaven. After 13 months of laying still and completing his healing, he returned to the field of ministry.

Don Piper recalls his experience in a book titled 90 minutes in Heaven. Last week I read the book. I recommend it to you. Don Piper spoke recently to the First Baptist Church, Sevierville. It is expected that he will be back in East Tennessee at a small little mission baptist church called First Baptist Concord. I am looking forward to hearing Don Piper at my home church this year.

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