Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Breaking News: Knox County School Board Televises Expulsion

If you watch the Knox County School Board meetings regularly, then you know that at the conclusion of public forum the board takes a few minutes to turn off the cameras and sound to conduct disciplinary hearings.

Tonight, was no different, well it was a tad bit different. They took their two minute break and then they were back on live with video and sound. The Board voted on hearing the expulsion on the record and they upheld the disciplinary hearing authorities decision to expel the student with NO debate. Sadly, no parent or adult was present to take responsibility for the student or the students actions.

The board concluded its business and Cindy Buttry congratulated the Chair for a record meeting. Dan Murphy commented that this short meeting beat his record by 10 minutes. The Board Chair turned to Board Member Robert Bratton and informed him if he had comments to write them down. So the audio and video was working loud and clear.

This is the group that controls two-thirds of our county tax dollars and they can not even turn off a camera and microphone. sigh.

(sarcasm) Opps, a guess a little law broken here or there, doesn't matter to much. Right? After all no one bothered to show up to defend the kid (sarcasm)

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