Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What About Elected Officials That Dis' Their Job Responsibilities

The Knox County State of the Community address was this morning at 8:15 a.m. (more on the actions of Appointed County Commissioner William Daniels in another post) However, it should be noted that two Knox County Commissioners totally "dissed" the County Mayor and their responsibilities as County Commissioners by being NO Shows this morning. They were Second District Commissioner Mark Harmon and Third District County Commissioner Tony Norman. In addition to missing the State of the Community. They missed a brief County Commission meeting that was held at the site of the State of the Community address.

The Knox County School Board fared pretty good in new revenue compared to other county departments. However, the School Board was represented at the State of the Community by less than a majority of the board. School Board Member Cindy Buttry informed the County Mayor prior to this mornings event, that she had a family medical issue and would be unable to attend. So she had an excused absence. As for Samuel Anderson, Karen Carson, Thomas Deakins and Jim Williams that all received unexcused absences. Especially the Board Chair Carson and Deakins, the board member that represents the Hardin Valley community where the State of the Community was held, Hardin Valley Academy High School.

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