Sunday, May 04, 2008

911, What is Your Emergency? "Yes, I would like to Report a Crime"

On Thursday evening at 1513 Hutchinson Ave in Knoxville, TN a crime occurred. If you watched today's episode of Inside Tennessee. A crime occurred. It was an assault by 5 individuals on one woman. The victim was County Commissioner Victoria DeFreese. The 5 individuals were Georgianna Vines, Dennis Francis, John Becker, Mark Harmon and Don Parnell. A witness and one that did not participate in the assault, but sat by and did nothing to assist the victim was one Susan Richardson Williams.

The interview was going along as well as could be expected at the very beginning. But if you watch the body language of Ms. Vines. She is continually looking down at her paper. She folds her arms across her chest when Commissioner DeFreese is talking.

After John has concluded with a couple of opening comments from both Harmon and DeFreese. He throws it over to Richardson to ask a question. Richardson asks a question of DeFreese. DeFreese gets about three sentences out and Vines launches in on her, interrupting DeFreese trying to re-direct the question. Heck, Georgianna, she never got the chance to answer.

Then Dennis Francis jumps DeFreese and is argumentative with her, saying that the February election was a mandate. O.k. Dennis, but Commissioner DeFreese wasn't on the ballot on February 5, 2008. Heck, Dude. She wasn't even on Commission until February 20, 2008. I hardly think you can blame her.

Harmon continually interrupted DeFreese, stating why 13 Commissioners should have "let the people vote." Again, Harmon, she was one vote. Just as you are only one vote. Normally in the minority and not effective for the Second district. But you are one vote.

In the next segment they add the "leader" of the arrogant elite Latte' club called Knox Charter Petition Group Don Parnell. Who continued the abuse on DeFreese, blaming her for 13 Commissioners not voting for their amendments. Donnie, she is only one vote. She can't even talk to her district colleague. How can she secure you 13 votes? If your group had done a better job in talking with all 19 commissioners, you may have gotten 13. But, then again, your group didn't want Commission to pass them, now did you?

John Becker, never reeled Vines, Francis, Harmon or Parnell in on the disrespect shown DeFreese. Never once did anyone on the panel interrupt Harmon. However, they continually interrupted DeFreese. It was low class. It was disrespectful to a public official. It was disrespectful to women and in particular, a woman in the role of public official. It was not characteristic of the Southern charm of our city and our community. It was very Yankee.

In these here parts, we consider the actions of these panelist on Thursday evening as an assault. The reports that Brian's Blog received this afternoon from the Emergency Communications Center said there were many phone calls made about 10:05 a.m. this morning and the calls went like this. "911, what's your emergency?" "Yes, I would like to report a crime that occurred Thursday evening at 1513 Hutchinson Avenue inside the City limits of Knoxville."


Anonymous said...

If that last paragraph is true, people should know it's a felony to call 911 if you don't have a real emergency.

Anonymous said...

What I can't figure out is why DeFrees said she supported the nepotism and conflict provisions, when she voted against all three.

I'm surprised you don't call her out on her lie. Oh, that's right, she's a Republican. That makes it OK to lie.