Monday, May 12, 2008

Does Jermey Finley or His Sources Have a Bias Against State Rep. Joe McCord?

O.k. if you haven't heard about the Jeremy Finley's two "news stories" out of Nashville's WSMV about Maryville State Representative Joe McCord then you have missed a couple of news story with an agenda and/or bias.

Here is where Jeremy's report has failed it's journalistic duties. In his first report he acknowledged that he had entered the conference room of State Representative Joe McCord secretively three days in a row. The door to the conference room is labeled "Do Not Open". In East Tennessee that term means Private Office.

Second, if Jeremy entered the conference room "over several days" than there is likely hood that Mr. Finley, WSMV or maybe one or more of his "sources" may have planted the air purifier, the "old school" ashtray, the sandbag door draft, even the bottles of alcohol. It is possible that any number of people could have or may have leaked an item or two over the course of "three or several days" and then called Jeremy to do his expose'.

Why is Jeremy utilizing all the secrecy in intentionally entering a private office for three days? If our elected officials are expected to be open and transparent, why are the members of the media that cover them, not held to the same standard?

Here is the first report and here is the second report.

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