Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rep. Niceley's Bill

There has been a large amount of misinformation concerning Rep. Frank Niceley's amendment concerning the elected Superintendent bill. First, of all people have accused Rep. Niceley of being unethical and conspiring to do things illegal. One poster on a blog said "let's examine his financial disclosure." Go right ahead. As Brian's Blog has demonstrated with Karen Carson's disclosure, you can not believe what is or is not on there. (Where are you McElroy and Alapo?)

Here is what Niceley's amendment will do. If passed it will allow the Knox County Commission by a two-thirds vote to place the item on the ballot for the voters. The voters of Knox County will then vote for or against having an elected Superintendent.

Now, why would these people be against the voters casting votes. After all, the buzz words in Knox County have been "Let the people vote!" So, if you stand in opposition to Rep. Niceley's amendment then you are against letting the people vote.

Brian's Blog sources have alerted us today. That immediately following last nights session and all day today. Legislators, Lobbyists and all Special Interest have been twisting, begging and pleading with Rep. Niceley to remove the amendment. That is unethical and when threats are being made of an elected Representative of the people it is illegal.

Here is Representative Niceley's amendment to let the people vote. Here is Representative Odom's bill that the amendment is tied to.

Now, Let The People Vote! Let The People Vote! Let The People Vote! After all it is about Letting The People Vote!

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