Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gibbs Ruritan Clubs Annual Dinner

Last night, I along with my awesome and beautiful wife attended the 16th Annual Gibbs Ruritan Community Dinner. It was held at Ramsey's Restaurant on Central Avenue Pike. The food as always was excellent, Mike and the crew did a great job.

The room was packed with probably as many as 600 people. It was a fun evening. As the evening started, the introductions of elected officials and politicians were announced. The introduction of County Commissioner and candidate for Property Assessor "Phil Babley" was announced. Of course County Commissioner and candidate for Property Assessor Phil Ballard explained it's Ballard. Everyone laughed. Then it came time for School Board Member-Elect Bill Phillips, Phillips is now Phipps. Everyone laughed. Also Chancellor Mike Moyers became Millis Moyers. Everyone laughed. It was all in fun.

Other notables present were Register of Deeds Sherry Witt, County Commissioner Dave Wright, former Commissioners Mike McMillian and Jack Huddleston and former School Board Member Steve Hunley.

We sat at the table of School Board Member-Elect Bill along his wonderful and beautiful wife, Karen Phillips. Also, at our table were Commissioner Babley (I mean Ballard), Witt, Hunley and Huddleston. It was an interesting crew.

At the beginning of the evening, a comment was made from the emcee about an article that appeared in the Shopper. The emcee asked how "many of you read that paper, it's a good one." Less than 15% of the room raised their hands and no one clapped.

It's amazing what happens when a paper has competition. Since the Fountain City Focus became the Knoxville Focus, (with countywide circualtion) the Shopper has been a slippery slope. They have already cut one of their editions, the one out far east.

Again, it was a great evening, I plan to attend the 17th Annual Community Dinner of the Gibbs Ruritan Club.

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